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    What is an appendix in a research paper?

    The appendix in research paper contains the information, which is not essential to understanding the contents of your research paper but is important for getting a complete picture of what you have disclosed in your work. It is useful for describing certain materials in greater depth without distracting the reader from the main text of the research paper writing. Some examples would include a questionnaire used in your study, a new computer program developed, additional statistical data, complicated formulas and much more. It has to be placed at the end of your research paper following the bibliography list.

    How to write appendix in research paper

    Add some basic data. The appendix ought to contain basic data, which you gathered during the study in your work. You must include any basic information that you think is pertinent to the paper, particularly if it helps reinforce your findings. You should only include the basic information which you refer to in your work since you must ensure that the data is relevant to the reader.

    • You can also use additional data from external sources, which would help reinforce your findings. Be sure to cite the data you extract from an external source.

    Add supporting images or graphics. The appendix for a research paper ought to also include visual supporting documents (images, maps, charts graphics, photographs or drawings). There should only be visual documents that support your findings in your research paper.

    • You can add graphics and charts that you have created or graphics and charts from an external source. Be sure to quote appropriately any visual document that is not your own.

    List the research tools. You must make sure to write down the instruments or tools you used to carry out your study. It could be either a video recorder, a camera or some other tool that has helped you acquire the data. It may be useful for your audience to have an idea of how you made use of this or that device to carry out your study.

    • For example, you can write, "All the interviews were carried out through Skype. In addition, they were recorded on a professional DSRL camera."

    Add transcripts of interviews or surveys. Wondering what to include in appendix of a research paper? There ought to be transcripts of an interview or a survey that you carried out during your investigation. You will need to ensure that the transcripts cover the entire interview. You can include photocopies of surveys on condition they were handwritten or the copies of your online surveys if any.

    • You should also include any correspondence you have had with the people in the interview including personal email letters or texts.

    Give a title. The appendix should have a clear title at the top of the research paper page. Use uppercase letters ("APPENDIX") or initial capital letter ("Appendix"). You can use the same font and the same font size that you used for the titles of the work or research paper chapters.

    • Should you have two or more appendices, alphabetize them numerically while also remaining consistent. For instance, if you use letters, you need to ensure that the appendices are titled "Appendix A," "Appendix B" etc. If you use numbers, you need to ensure that the appendices are titled "Appendix 1," "Appendix 2" and so on.
    • It is also obligatory that you start each one on a new page. This will not make the reader perplexed as to where the first appendix ends and where the other one begins.

    Sort the contents. You must sort the contents of the appendix based on their placement in the text. This will make it more comfortable and accessible to read.

    • For instance, if the basic data is listed in the first part of your research paper, put the basic data in the appendix first. If you refer to the interview questions at the end of your work, ensure they appear at the end of the appendix.

    Place the appendix after the list of references. The appendix should appear after the list of references. If the teacher prefers that it appears in a different place (for example, before the list of references), follow their guidelines.
    Check the clarity and consistency. There is no set word count for an appendix, but it should not be too big. Review the appendix or the appendices and make sure all the information included is pertinent to the research paper. Get rid of any data, which has nothing to do with the text or does not illustrate it in any way. An overly lengthy appendix may look unprofessional and may make your work appear chaotic.

    We hope that you find this post helpful and you are now aware of how to do an appendix for a research paper.

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